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The Power of Today's Youth

The Elgin Livestock Show Association (ELSA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that hosts the Bastrop County junior Livestock Show and Youth Fair. We are focused on bringing individuals together to develop a beneficial program for the youth in agriculture through our livestock show and youth fair. We are focused on promoting the care of livestock and creation of projects to exhibit and sell through this program. We hope to foster a positive environment with an appreciation for hard work while strengthening the youth to accomplish their goals of higher education.

What We Do

At Bastrop County Livestock Show, our mission is to empower the youth of Bastrop County through agricultural education and opportunities to showcase their livestock and youth fair projects.  


Our Mission

We strive  to create a positive environment for the youth in agriculture while preparing them for personal growth and career goals through agricultural education. Strengthening the youth in agriculture through 4-H and FFA programs to accomplish academic achievement and build healthy communities in agriculture. To lead with structure, transparency and clear communication while promoting leadership, responsibility, and accountability through agriculture.

How can YOU support our youth?

The youth in our community involved in 4-H and FFA programs work hard everyday to care for their projects. From large/small animals to handmade projects, these youth are dedicated to becoming a success in agriculture with goals to reach higher education!


Join our mission in helping them achieve success & become an ELSA Supporter today! There are a variety of ways you can show your support:


*Elgin Livestock Show & Youth Fair Auction

*Donate or purchase from our Fundraising activities - Check out the fundraising page!

*Donate to our Premium Fund - Year Round opportunities!


To show our appreciation, ELSA will support and market you and/or your business in a variety of ways! Email us at for more information! 

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